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WebDewey interface

Find an overview of the WebDewey interface.


WebDewey screens are designed for quick access to frequently used functions and tools.

  • Header: Persistent on all screens. Provides links to specific screens and content and buttons to start key activities.  
  • Footer: Persistent on all screens. Provides direct links to Main Classes, Tables, and the Dewey Services website.
  • Workspace (center area): Use key functionality: searching, browsing, viewing results, or creating a comment.

Interface details

Header elements

  • Link bar (top right corner)
    • Home – Go to the WebDewey opening screen
    • Help – View Help for the current session
    • Preferences – Customize record view or add link to library OPAC
    • Main Classes – View list of ten Main Classes
    • Tables – View list of Tables
    • Contact – Go to OCLC online product support; view support resources or email request for assistance
    • Logoff – Exit WebDewey
  • Buttons
    • Search – Enter a basic search in the All Fields index
    • Advanced Search – Enter a search; select a specific index
    • Browse – Enter a term to view adjacent terms in a specific index
    • Comments – Find, create, or delete comments
    • Updates – View the latest Dewey classification changes
  • Dewey version list – Select a Dewey edition from the drop-down list.
    • WebDewey 22 (EN)
    • WebDewey 23 (EN) (default)

Footer elements

  • Main Classes – Direct links to specific Main Classes and access to DDC references: Introduction, Glossary, Relocations & Discontinuations
  • Tables – Direct links to specific Tables and access to DDC references: Introduction, Glossary, Relocations & Discontinuations
  • Dewey Services – Direct links to the Dewey Services website and Dewey Blog

Workspace elements

  • Basic search – Appears on the WebDewey opening screen or click Search in the header
  • Advanced search – Click Advanced Search in the header
  • Browse – Click Browse in the header
  • Search results – Single record or list of retrieved records
  • Browse results – List of terms in an area of an index