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Browse WebDewey

Learn how to effectively browse WebDewey.

Browse WebDewey

  1. On any screen, click Browse.
  2. On the Browse WebDewey screen, enter a term in the form field.  
  3. Select the index to browse from the following indexes:
    • Dewey Numbers (with Captions) (default)
    • Relative Index
    • LCSH
    • MeSH
    • Sears
  4. Click Browse or press <Enter>.

Tips for effective browsing

  • Most search techniques (truncation, character masking, Boolean operators, grouping) cannot be used in browse queries. The browse term you enter is matched — character by character, from left to right — against the characters of the terms in the index.
  • Browse to determine whether a subject term occurs in a WebDewey index.
  • Browse to identify alternative terms for the desired subject that do occur in a WebDewey index.