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Record Manager Fundamentals account roles

Learn about the roles available for managing accounts in WorldShare Record Manager Fundamentals.

 Note: If you are a WMS library or using full WorldShare Record Manager, please see Record Manager account roles.

Record Manager Fundamentals roles

  • Fundamentals Admin
  • Fundamentals Record Manager Supervisor
  • Fundamentals Record Manager Simplified*
  • Fundamentals Reports Viewer

Record Manager Fundamentals role comparison 

Action Roles
Fundamentals Admin Fundamentals Record Manager Supervisor Fundamentals Record Manager Simplified Fundamentals Reports Viewer
Add new WorldCat bibliographic records to WorldCat or replace existing ones. x x    
Assign roles to other users. x      
Create users. x      
Delete users. x      
Export bibliographic records. x x x  
Has a Read Only view of bibliographic records.     x  
Print labels. x x x  
Set and delete institutional holdings. x x x  
View Cataloging reports from the Analytics module. x x   x
View and interact with a broad range of data and record types. Includes display of holdings information, search and display of records, viewing, adding and replacing of Local Holdings Records (LHRs), viewing, adding and replacing of records in the online save file, validation, heading control, and setting/deleting of institutional holdings x x    


* Should not be combined with any other roles. Only assign the Fundamentals Record Manager Simplified role to users that should be limited to the Simplified functionality. 

WorldShare Admin

For more information about roles and managing accounts, see WorldShare Admin, User management.

To view all available WorldShare roles, see WorldShare Admin, Roles.

 Note: Please contact OCLC Support for if you need assistance as certain cataloging roles require participation in National Cooperative Cataloging Programs before they can be assigned.