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View synchronization reports

Learn how to use the Reports tab to view a summary of the synchronization and find instructions for updating records in CONTENTdm.

After the Gateway finishes synchronizing your collection (that is, the collection has a status of Enabled on the Home tab), you can use the Reports tab to view a summary of the sync, including:

  • Sync settings used.
  • Number of new WorldCat records added.
  • Number of WorldCat records replaced.
  • Records with warnings. A warning is a note of something that the collection administrator should look into but may not need to be fixed. For example, a warning may be issued when a record loaded by using Connexion doesn’t get replaced in WorldCat.
  • Records with errors. There are two types of errors:
  • An error indicating a problem that prevented the metadata in a record from loading into WorldCat. This problem must be fixed or the record will never load into WorldCat.
  • An error indicating a system problem that occurred during the processing and may not be related to the metadata in the record. If you encounter this type of error, report it to OCLC Support.

     Note: Harvests that are interrupted because of an error include details on the number of records processed before the interruption.  

Click the Reports tab, or enter through the Collection Profile/View Report

The Reports tab displays a list of all completed syncs for your synchronized collections.


  1. To view reports for a specific collection, you can use the Collection Name Filter to select a collection.
  2. The Report Type Filter (WorldCat Sync) is selected for you automatically.
  3. To see reports from a specific date or date range, click in the upper Date Range Filter box. When the calendar appears, click to select the start date.
  4. Click in the lower Date Range Filter box. When the calendar appears, click to select the end date.
    • To view reports from a single date, make sure that the end date is the same as the start date.
  5. To sort on the data in the columns of the report, click on the column heading by which you want to sort. When a small arrow appears, click on the arrow to sort in ascending or descending order.
  6. Click View to view a report in a browser window.
    • If you prefer to download a report in XML or Excel format, click the corresponding link.

Each report begins with a summary of the sync, showing collection-level record harvest (if appropriate), then a batch processing summary of the items harvested, cross-walked, replaced, added, skipped, etc.

A detailed portion follows, offering a .txt file listing records with their OAI identifiers and displaying the counts and texts of any error messages. At the end of the month, another summary report is run showing activity for the entire repository—in sum, and subtotaled by collection.

Update records in CONTENTdm (optional)

Now that we have successfully loaded the Gateway Images collection’s CONTENTdm metadata records to WorldCat, we will need to update the CONTENTdm metadata records to complete the synchronization process.

Each of the metadata records now has an OCLC record number associated with it. You may include the OCLC number in your CONTENTdm metadata by completing the synchronization.

To complete the synchronization:

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration.
  2. Click the Server tab.
  3. Click Harvesting.
    • If you have sync’d successfully to WorldCat, you will see a notification, indicating you have OCLC numbers ready to sync back into in one or more CONTENTdm collections.
      dcg_ocns_ready_to sync.png
  4. Click Complete Sync.
  5. A new browser window opens and displays a list of collections.
  6. To complete the sync process and update your metadata records in CONTENTdm, click Sync Records for a corresponding collection or Sync All to complete all the syncs.
    • You will be asked to wait while the OCLC record number sync occurs.
  7. When the sync is complete, the page updates, with a status of Complete. When returning to the Harvesting screen, the message will let you know that a Sync is not needed.

 Note:  To complete the process, you must index the corresponding collections