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Invalid relationship - when BLvl (Leader/07) is equal to a, then 773 must be present error in Digital Collection Gateway

  • You get the validation error Invalid relationship - when BLvl (Leader/07) is equal to a, then 773  must be present when setting up a MARC map in Digital Collection Gateway. 
Applies to
  • Digital Collection Gateway

This validation error means that the default MARC mapping identified the records in your repository as Monographic component parts and needs the details of what the item is a part of in the 773 tag. If this is correct and your items are part of a bigger whole, then you can select More > Show unmapped fields in order to expose the 773 tag so you can add information about the series.

If your content is not a part of a larger series, then you can go to the WorldCat Item View tab and click on the yellow Article field next to the Edition/Format heading to expose the "Change material type key" window and choose a different format.

Additional information

There is more information on Monographic component parts and the 773 tag. You can also find more information about changing material formats.

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