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I have mapped a link to the "view online" button, but the link is not showing up in WorldCat

  • I click Edit under the Metadata Map heading.
  • I select More > Show unmapped fields.
  • I click on MARC View at the top center of the record.
  • I click on the View Online button and select my link to map.
  • I re-sync the collection.
  • A view online link does not appear on the WorldCat record.
Applies to
  • Digital Collection Gateway 

The issue is the way that Digital Collection Gateway handles the mapping prefix that your link was mapped under (example: "dc:identifier 1").  The link is likely being mapped to a field other then the 856 field.

  1. Go back into the mapping editor in MARC view.
  2. Select the next unmapped (blue colored) "view online" button.
  3. Map the same link again.  Yes, this means you will now have two "view online" buttons mapped with the same link.
  4. Click Approve Map & Sync.
  5. Check the MARC view of the 856 field to see if your link was added.
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