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Error referencing validation error in 502 tag in Digital Collection Gateway

  • You can't finalize your MARC map and sync a Digital Collection Gateway collection because of a 502 tag error in the MARC mapping for the collection. 
Applies to
  • Digital Collection Gateway

The 502 tag can be coded two different ways. You can use either a single subfield $a or multiple subfields $b, $c, $d, and/or $g. Subfield $o can be used with either option.

For this reason, Digital Collection Gateway provides two 502 tags that you can map. If you're getting a validation error on it, you've mapped data into the wrong one. Unmap your current 502 tag and review/select the one with the mapping that matches the data you want to load (ie. the 502 tag with no starting subfield and $o or the tag with $b, $c, $d, $g, $o). Once you map your data into the tag with the correct fields you want to map the validation should work. 

If problems persist, please contact OCLC Support with your Digital Collection Gateway admin username, the repository name and the collection you are mapping that is bringing up the error. 

Additional information

There is more information on the 502 tag

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