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The message "Printer not found in network" is showing in my Connexion client printing options

  • Labels will not print from Connexion client and I see a "Printer not found in network" message next to my printer options
Applies to
  • Connexion client all versions

If labels are not printing from Connexion client and you see the "Printer not found in network" message next to your printer, follow the below steps to correct the issue:

  1. Sign in to Connexion client.
  2. Select Tools > Options > Printing.
  3. Select a different printer under the Label Printer options.
  4. Close the session and sign in again.
  5. Select Tools > Options > Printing.
  6. Select the printer you want to use. The message "Printer not found in network" should no longer be showing.
Additional information
  • If this does not fix the issue, please contact OCLC Support with the make and model of your printer as well as what version of Connexion client you are using. 
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