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I am not able to export BIB records to Millennium using Connexion browser.

  • The record was exported (status=Completed) I couldn't find the record in Millennium. The process works with Connexion client.
Applies to
  • Connexion browser

Connexion client works with a direct connection between your computer and Millennium's system. Connexion browser uses an indirect route. Connexion can confirm that a record was exported, so you will see the status as Completed. Still, it cannot verify that the other system has successfully received the record. There are two possible points where the communication may have failed. 

First, your institution's IT/security department must allow the record to exit through your firewall. 
Secondly, Millennium IT/security department must allow the record into their systems.

  1. Check your Port Number (default is 5500, but could be another number) and Timeout settings (default is 90) in Connexion browser. (See screenshot below.).
  2. You may need to open a ticket with Millennium to have them permit the Connexion browser IP, open the port, and add the IP to the LNA table in the OCLC section of Admin Corner.











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