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How to do a silent install of the OCLC Dewey Cutter Program

  • How do I do a silent install of the OCLC Dewey Cutter Program?
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  • Dewey Cutter Program

This troubleshooting document has a setup.iss  file  that will need to be downloaded.

The Dewey Cutter Program was packaged with InstallShield.  A response (.ISS) file has been created to silently install the program using the /s (silent) switch.

This article assumes you've already downloaded the Dewey Cutter Program.

The following steps require admin privileges and may require your IT department's assistance.

  1. Using a file archiver (such as 7-Zip), extract all files from the Cutter110.exe package.
  2. The extract operation will create a Cutter110 folder and a Disk1 folder under that.
  3. The Disk1 folder will have all the installation files including a setup.exe file.
  4. Copy the downloaded setup.iss file into the Disk1 folder.
  5. Place the Cutter110 folder structure onto the server you'll be doing the push install from.
  6. To do an automatic silent install of the program, from the Disk1 folder, issue the command line: Setup /s (and press Enter).

The setup program will find the .iss file automatically in the same folder and silently install the Dewey Cutter Program.

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