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How do I exclude certain records when I delete my local save file?

Applies to
  • Connexion client

When you display your local save file, the titles display as a list.

To delete records: you can choose multiple records and then delete them.  To choose multiple records, you would click on the first record, then just as when selecting multiple items in most online lists, hold the shift key down and click on the last record.  When all titles are selected, you have 2 options for how to delete them.

- Click on Action/Delete,
- Click the button on the toolbar that looks like a little trashcan with both a document (left corner of can) and downward aiming red arrow (right side of can)

To move records to a new or different local save file:

Create a new local save file and then display the existing local file. 

- Click File > Local File Manager to see a list of all local files created by your institution. 
- Click the Create File button to create a new file, choose the location, add a name, etc and save.

In the existing file (where the records to be moved are; you can press F3 and click OK to see a list of all titles):

  • Highlight the records to move, skipping any records that will not be moved.
  • Click Action > Copy record.
  • The list of available local files will open in a small window. Choose the file to move the records to and click OK.
  • The records you highlighted will move to the chosen file

To see the records in the new Save File, press F3 again. The top line is the location of the local save file. Drop that menu down and choose the new file. When this is chosen, a message pops up letting you know that it will now set that file as the local file. Accept this change, the new file will display and you can see the moved records.

To move additional records, set the original file as the default again, move some or all records that you want moved, set the new file as default and you'll be able to see it.

If you receive any error on the titles as you try to remove them, we suggest running "Compact/Repair on that local file. This is done in Local File Manager:

- File > Local File Manager
- Select the file name
- Click Compact/Repair.

After moving these records, you may may want to press F3 again and set that new file as your default file, if that will be your default file going forward.  You can also delete the old file there.

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