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Editing tools

Discover the available record editing tools for use in Connexion client.

The Connexion client provides the following tools for editing:

  • Constant data
    • Create (Cataloging > Create > Constant Data) and apply constant data records (Edit > Constant Data > Online > [Apply Default or Apply from List]) to avoid rekeying data you use frequently in records.
    • See Apply constant data for more information.
  • Text strings
    • Create and enter text strings for data you use frequently (shorter form of constant data) (Tools > Text Strings or use the text strings quick tool on the toolbar:).
    • See Create custom text strings for more information.
  • Authority control
    • Use automated authority control (Edit > Control Heading > [All, Single, or Uncontrol]) to keep headings in records consistent with Library of Congress headings.
    • See Control headings in bibliographic records for more information.
  • MARC field Help
    • Look up a specific MARC field description for any field you are working on, via a command that links to Web-based MARC documentation (Help > MARC Field Help, MARC Field Help button, or press <Shift><F1>).
  • RDA Toolkit field descriptions
    • Set up and open RDA Toolkit field descriptions for variable fields (RDA = Resource Description and Access).
       Note: You must be a subscriber. See the RDA Toolkit for more details.
  • Spell checker
  • ALA diacritic and special character entry