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Derive an authority constant data record

Discover how to derive a constant data record from an authority record or from an existing constant data record in Connexion client.

 Caution: If you save a constant data record from the local file to the online constant data file and the record name already exists in the online file, you receive an error message. You cannot change the name to make it unique. Instead, derive a new constant data record (Edit > Derive > New Constant Data, or <Ctrl><I>) and assign a new name.


  1. With an online or local authority record or an existing constant data record open, click Edit > Derive > New Constant Data or press <Ctrl><I>.

    See Create an authority record from an existing record for:
    • Specifics about the data the client transfers
    • How to pre-select fields you want to transfer to derived records (Tools > Options > Derive Record tab)

    These descriptions about deriving bibliographic records apply also to deriving authority constant data records.
  2. When the client asks if you want to transfer the fixed field values to the new record:
    • Click Yes to transfer the fixed field.
    • Click No to derive the new record without transferring the fixed field.
    • Click Cancel to cancel deriving a new record

    Result (unless you cancel derive): The client redisplays a new constant data record with data derived from the authority record.

    Result of transferring the fixed field: The fixed field values from the original record transfer, except for:
    • OCLC number
    • Rec Stat
    • Entered Date
    • Replaced Date
  3. To complete the record, edit it and/or follow steps 4-7 in Create a constant data record from a workform.