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Use constant data with non-Latin records

Discover how to use constant data with non-Latin records in Connexion client.
  • Use non-Latin scripts in workforms to create bibliographic constant data records Cataloging > Create > Constant Data) or derive new constant data records from existing records (Edit > Derive > New Constant Data) in the same way as described above for creating and deriving bibliographic records.
  • For constant data in the local file only, you can use non-Latin scripts to name constant data records and search for them by non-Latin script name.
  • Also for constant data records in the local file only, you can use non-Latinscripts to specify My Status for records (Action > Set Status) and search for non-Latin script My Statuses. My Status is an optional free-text status that you add to records to help distinguish them.
  • You can change the sort order for results of searching the local constant datafile to Unicode sorting by non-Latin script. By default, results are sorted alphabetically by Latin script. The same setting also determines sort order for WorldCat search results and local save file search results.
  • When you apply constant data containing non-Latin script, the client:
    • Replaces a non-repeatable field in the bibliographic record with the paired non- Latin script 880 and equivalent romanized field from the constant data.
    • Adds the paired fields from the constant data below existing repeatable fields.
  • See Use bibliographic constant data for general procedures for creating, applying, finding, and using bibliographic constant data.