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RDA Toolkit field help

Discover how to enable and use the RDA Toolkit field help in Connexion client.


RDA = Resource Description and Access

Enable the RDA Toolkit

  1. Click Tools > Options > RDA or press <Alt><T><D>.
  2. In the RDA tab, select the Enable RDA Toolkit check box.
  3. Enter your subscriber user name and password in the Enter your RDA Toolkit username and Enter your RDA Toolkit password fields.
    The client uses your information to log on and display the RDA Toolkit field descriptions.
     Note: If you do not know your library's user name and password, the first step is to ask your local administrator. If your local administrator does not have them, you can open a support ticket or send an email.
  4. When finished, perform one of the following actions:
    • Click Close or press <Enter> to apply the settings and close the window.
    • Click Apply to apply the settings without closing the window (you can set other options).
    • Click Cancel to cancel changes.

Open an RDA Toolkit field description

  1. When online or logged off, with a bibliographic or authority record, workform, or constant data record open, click to place the cursor in a field.
  2. Perform one of the following actions to open the RDA Toolkit description of the field in a browser screen:
    • Click Tools > RDA Toolkit.
    • Press <Alt><T><D>.
    • Right-click in a field and then click RDA Toolkit on the shortcut menu.

    • RDA descriptions are available for variable fields only, not for fixed fields.
    • OCLC uses the 539 variable field (Data Elements of Reproduction) instead of field 533 subfield 7. If you open an RDA Toolkit description from 539 field, the RDA Toolkit description for field 533 opens.
  3. When finished, click X in the upper-right corner of the RDA Toolkit browser screen or press <Alt><F4> to close.