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Offline/online cataloging using local files

Find out when to save online and offline data to local files in Connexion client.

Save records to the local bibliographic or authority save file when you:

  • Search WorldCat or the LC authority file interactively or via batch searching
  • Search the online bibliographic or authority save file
  • Import records
  • Create records
  • Move or copy records from other local files

Save bibliographic or authority constant data to local files when you:

  • Create constant data
  • Search the online constant data file

Using a local file, work on records while:

  • Offline or online to:
    • Create records
    • Create constant data
    • Edit records and apply constant data or insert diacritics and special characters or text strings
    • Take immediate actions on single records or records selected in a list
    • Copy or move records from one save file to another
  • Offline only to:
    • Complete local processing: export records, print records, or print labels
    • Mark records with actions for batch processing
    • Enter batch search keys

Use local files to run batch processing. For more information on batch processing, see: