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Install Connexion client

Find the steps for installing Connexion client.
  1. Navigate to Cataloging software downloads and review the OCLC software download terms and conditions.
  2. Click the I accept checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.
  3. From the software download table, click Connexion client 3.X software
  4. In the File Download window, click Save to save the download file to your workstation or to a server.
  5. In the Save As dialog, expand the Save in list, select a location to save the file, and then click Save. Remember the location for the next step or click Open Folder after the download is complete.
  6. Start setup and install Connexion client.
    1. In Windows File Explorer, navigate to the folder where you saved the downloaded file.
    2. Double-click the client *.exe file or click the *.exe file and press Enter.
    3. The setup program starts automatically.
  7. Follow prompts to complete the installation.
    1. For most users, accept the default settings throughout installation. In most windows of the Setup program click Next.
    2. In the License Agreement window, click the I Agree radio button and then click Next.
    3. In the Select Installation folder window:
      • Keep the default location for installing on your workstation: X:\Program Files\OCLC\Connexion\, where X = letter of your hard drive. Click Next.
        Enter a different path name or click Browse to select a location, such as a folder on a server for installing to multiple workstations, and then click Next.
      • Designate installation for:
        • Just Me if you are the only one who will use the client on the workstation.
        • Everyone if others will also use the client on the workstation.

         Caution: Be sure to make the same selection each time you upgrade to the next client version. Otherwise, the upgraded client is inoperable and you must uninstall and then re-install.

         Note: This selection is unavailable if you are not logged on as administrator.

    4. (Optional) Click Disk Cost to see available disk space and amount of disk space required.
  8. (Optional) To cancel installation any time, click Cancel and then click Yes to confirm. To resume installation after cancelling, start the process over from the beginning.
  9. When installation is complete, shut down and restart your workstation before running the client. The installation program adds a Connexion client shortcut to your desktop.

 Note: For help with uninstalling the client, please see Uninstall Connexion client