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Validation Level Options

Find out how to access and use the Validation Level Options window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Validation Level Options window

By default, the system does minimal validation on records when you take the following actions:

  • For bibliographic WorldCat records:
    • Set Holdings
       Note: For the following types of records, the system always does full validation, no matter what validation option you choose:
      • New
      • Existing
      • Records
    • Export
  • For authority records:
    • Export

Access the Validation Level Options window

  1. Navigate to Tools > Options, or press <Alt><T><O>, and then click General
  2. Click Validation Level Options
  3. Set options as described in the table below. 
  4. Click OK.

Validation Level Options window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Bibliographic WorldCat record area
Set Holdings list Select one of the following validation levels:
  • Structure - Verifies that indicators, if present, are a single character; that BLvl and Type are correct; and that the following fields are present (for some, also checks for valid data): Leader, 001, 005, 008, 040 $c, 049, and 245 $a or 245 $k.
  • Basic - In addition to structure checking, checks for the validity of elements; length, repeatability, and type of data or codes in fields, etc.
  • Full - In addition to structure and basic level checking, checks for relationships between elements.

Default: Structure

For more information, see Validate record online or offline.

Set Holdings commands in Action > Holdings that use this validation level setting:
  • Update Holdings
  • Produce and Update Holdings
  • Update Holdings part of Replace and Update Holdings
Export list Select one of the following validation levels:
  • Full
  • Basic
  • None
Notes on bibliographic WorldCat records:
  • If you accept the default validation level, Structure or None, you usually do not need to stop and fix errors to be able to set holdings or export WorldCat records.
  • When you keep the default validation level, you can always run full validation manually using Edit > Validate (or <Shift><F5>).
  • If you set the automatic validation level to Basic or Full, you must correct errors to be able to complete the actions.
  • No automatic validation occurs when you Delete Holdings on WorldCat records.
  • This option setting does not apply when you batch update holdings by OCLC number on WorldCat bibliographic records (Batch > Holdings by OCLC Number). This process does no validation because records are not downloaded or accessible for you to do any needed corrections.
Authority Export
Export list Same Export selections as for bibliographic WorldCat records.


Button name Click the button to...
OK Apply your settings and close the window. You are returned to the General tab of the Options window.

In the General tab, you must click OK or Apply to save changes.
Cancel Cancel any changes you made and close the window. You are returned to the General tab of the Options window.