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Profile Manager

Find out how to access and use the Profile Manager window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Profile Manager window

  • Create a new user profile (use if you catalog for different libraries and need different options and customizations for each).
  • Base a new profile on:
    • Client default settings
    • Settings you created in another profile
       Note: Most users do not need multiple user profiles. You are not required to create or select or use the Profile function to use the client.
  • Change the default user profile.
  • Delete a profile.
  • Set an option for a prompt to require selection of a user profile upon client startup.
     Note: The default user profile is in a folder named MyProfile in the following location and contains the following files:
    • X:\Documents and Settings\[user name]\Application Data\OCLC\Connex\Profiles\MyProfile\, where X is the letter of your hard drive
      • When you install the client, the default MyProfile folder contains:
        • Custom.Keymap.xml
        • Options.xml 
      • Other files are added to MyProfile when you use the corresponding functions/settings:
        • TextStrings.xml
        • AppExclusions.Keymap.xml
        • UserLogonInfo.xml 

Access the Profile Manager window

  1. Navigate to Tools > Profiles or press <Alt><T><P>.
  2. To create a new profile:
    1. Click the Use system default settings button.
      Select a profile in the Profile Name list, and then click the Copy settings for profile highlighted above button.
    2. Enter a distinctive name for the new profile.
    3. Click Create.
  3. Select the new profile name and click Set as Default. When asked, click Yes to confirm switching the default to the new profile.
     Note: Using the new profile, set or change options, create local files, download records, etc. The results of these activities will be available only when you use this profile.
  4. To delete a profile, select it and click Delete.
  5. Click OK.

See more about how to create and use multiple profiles for cataloging.

Profile Manager window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Profile Name list View a list of all profiles.

Default: MyProfile

 Note: For most users, this profile is the only one you need.
Prompt for profile choice on application startup check box Select or clear the option to require selection of a user profile from a list of all profiles each time you open the client.
Create a New Profile area
Selection buttons for basis of new profile You select a profile to copy as a basis for the new profile:
To base profile on: Click this option:
Client default settings Use system default settings (default)
  • Copies the following files to the new profile folder:
    • Options.xml
    • CustomKeymap.xml
Settings in a selected user profile you created previously Select the profile in the Profile Name list, and then click Copy settings from profile highlighted above.
  • Copies the following files to the new profile folder:
    • Options.xml
    • CustomKeymap.xml
    • AppExclusions.Keymap.xml
    • TextStrings.xml
    • UserLogonInfo.xml

Select the new profile as the default and then you can change the settings to complete the new profile.
Name field Enter a distinctive name for the new profile. This name appears in the Profile Name list.

 Note: The Create button does not become available until you enter a name.


Button name Click the button to...
Set as Default Sets the selected user profile as the default.
Delete Delete the selected profile. Unavailable for the default.
Close Close the window.
Create Creates a new profile. Available only after you type a name for a new profile.