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Printing Options

Find out how to access and use the Printing Options window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Printing Options window

  • Select a label printer 
  • Open a window to set printing options for labels 
  • Set an option to print records to a text file 
  • Open a window to set options for printing accession lists 

Access the Printing Options window

  1. Navigate to Tools > Options > Printing.
  2. Under Labels:
    • In the Label Printer list of all printers mapped from your workstation, select a printer to use for printing labels.
    • Click Label Options to open the Label Printing Options window to select options for printed labels.
  3. Under Records, select the Output to Text File check box, and then enter the full path and file name in the text box or click Browse to navigate to the file. 
  4. Under Accessions Lists, click Accessions List Options to open the Accessions List Options window to select options for accessions list output. 

See more about how to customize printing and display of records, lists, labels, and accessions lists.

Printing Options window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Label Printer list Select a printer to print labels from a list of all printers installed on your workstation.

Default: Default printer you have set in Windows.

 Note: You cannot select a default printer that is different from your default Windows printer. You can, however, change the default printer in Windows settings (Start > Settings > Printers and Faxes, for example in Windows XP), or select a different printer in the Print window each time you print.
Output to Text File check box and text field
  1. Select the Output to Text File check box to print records to a text file.
  2. Accept the default file, or type a full path and file name of another text file (file extension *.txt), or click Browse and navigate to a different text file.

Default: Check box is deselected. The text box displays the default text file path and file name: X:\Documents and Settings\[username]\Application Data\OCLC\Connex\Db\Records.txt (X = the letter of your hard drive)

Accessions Lists
See description of the Accessions List Options button below.


Button name Click the button to...
Label Options Open the Label Printing Options window to set parameters for printing labels, such as format, label stock, print offsets, automatic stamps, and more.
Browse Open the Choose a Record Print file window (a standard Windows Open window) to navigate to another text file to which you want to print records.
Accessions List Options Open the Accessions List Options window to specify printing an accessions list to a file and/or to specify a tag containing information you want to print automatically at the end of each accession list entry.
OK Apply the settings you entered and close the window (or press <Enter>).
Cancel Cancel any changes you made and close the window.
Apply Apply the settings you entered without closing the Options window. You can continue checking or changing other option settings.