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Customize Short List of Indexes

Find out how to access and use the Customize Short List of Indexes window in Connexion client.

Purpose of the Customize Short List of Indexes window

Customize the short list of indexes in the Search WorldCat window and in the Browse WorldCat window:

  • Rearrange the list
  • Modify the list by adding indexes
  • Remove indexes
  • Restore the default indexes

Access the Customize Short List of Indexes window

  1. Navigate to Cataloging > Search > WorldCat, click Search WorldCat button, or press <F2>.
    Navigate to Cataloging > Browse > WorldCat, click Browse WorldCat button, or press <Ctrl><F2>.
  2. Click Personalize List button.
  3. Rearrange, add, or delete indexes from the list.
  4. Click OK.

See more about how to customize WorldCat search and browse interfaces.

Customize Short List of Indexes window: Features and buttons

Feature How to use
Short list of indexes View the current short list of indexes.

Select an index to move up, move down, or remove.
Default short list of indexes
Search list:
  • Corp/Conf Name
  • ISBN 
  • LCCN Phrase 
  • Name 
  • Personal Name 
  • Publisher 
  • Publisher Number 
  • Series 
  • Standard Number 
  • Title 
Browse list:
  • Corp/Conf Whole Phrase
  • Dewey Class Number 
  • LC Class Number 
  • Name Whole Phrase 
  • Publisher Phrase 
  • Series Whole Phrase 
  • Subject Whole Phrase 
  • Title Whole Phrase 
  • Uniform Title Whole Phrase 


Button name Click the button to...
Move Up Move the selected index up in the list.
Move Down Move the selected index down in the list.
Modify Open the Choose Short List Items window, which gives a check list from which to select or clear indexes for the short index list.
Remove Remove the selected index from the list.
Restore Defaults Restore the default index list.
OK Save the changes you made to the short index list and close the window.
Cancel Cancel any changes you made and close the window.