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Client windows

Find and overview of windows and keystroke shortcuts for windows in Connexion client.

About client windows

Client windows (sometimes called "dialogs" or "screens") open when you click a Connexion client command on a menu or in another window. You use windows to complete tasks by making selections, entering data, and clicking buttons.

Example: Search Online Bibliographic Save File window

To search the online bibliographic save file:

  1. Navigate to Cataloging > Search > Online Save File.
    Click Online Save File button.
    Press <Ctrl><F3>. The Search Online Bibliographic Save File window opens.
  2. Enter your search criteria in the window and then click OK to send the search to the system.

Keystroke shortcuts for windows

Press these keys... To do this...
Move to the next item.
Move to the previous item.


  • Keep pressing <Tab> or <Shift><Tab> to cycle forward or backward through each item of the window. 
  • When a window opens, generally the cursor is located in the first text box or other item, and one of the buttons (usually OK or Cancel) is preselected; its outline is highlighted and the action is carried out when you press <Enter>). 
<Spacebar> Choose a selected item.
<Alt><Down arrow> Open or close a selected list.
<Up or down arrows> Move among items in a list.
Move to the beginning or end of a line or list.
<Ctrl><Right arrow>
<Ctrl><Left arrow>
Move to the right or left by one word in a text box.
<Right arrow>
<Left arrow>
Move to the next or previous check box.
<Enter> Carry out the command on the selected command button.
Cancel the actions and close the window (does not save changes).
<Alt><Access key for specific features of windows> Make a selection, use a button, or do other actions unique to the window.

Example: In the Logon OCLC Connexion window (File > Logon), to use the Setup Authorizations button, press <Alt><S>. The Authorization option tab opens.