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Print bibliographic constant data search results

Discover how to print constant data search results in Connexion client.

 Note: Connexion client uses Internet Explorer (IE) to print records and lists. Therefore, page margins for printing are determined by IE Page Setup settings. To adjust the margins, open the browser, and on the File menu, click Page Setup. You can determine other print settings (for example, portrait or landscape orientation) in the client Print window.

Print a record

  1. With a record open, click File > Print, click the Print button (Print button), press <Shift><F12>, or press <Alt><F><P>.
    • If you click the Print button (Print button), the record prints immediately using your default Windows printer, unless you elected to print records to a file (Tools > Options > Printing).
    • Otherwise, the Print window opens. Your default Windows printer is selected, but you can select any printer from the list of printers installed on your workstation.
  2. In the Print window, click OK or press <Enter> to print the record. 


Available for local constant data lists only:

  1. Select records in a list that you want to print separately (hold <Shift> and click for adjacent records or hold <Ctrl> and click for non-adjacent records).
  2. Click File > Print, click the Print button (Print button), or press <Ctrl><P>.

The records print immediately using your default Windows printer, unless you selected to print records to a file (Tools > Options > Printing).

See Records for general information on using records.

Print a list or selected entries

You can print an entire list or print selected entries on a list:

  1. With an Online Bibliographic Constant Data List or a Local Bibliographic Constant Data List open, click File > Print List or press <Shift><F12>.
    Select only entries you want to print, and then click File > Print List or press <Shift><F12>.
  2. (Optional) If you have more than one record selected, the Print List window opens.
    • Click the button next to All to print all records in the list.
    • Click the button next to Selected Items to print only records you selected in the list.
  3. In the Print window, click Print or press <Enter>. If you are working with online constant data lists, the client prints only the set of currently displayed records if the results exceed 100 records. You must display other sets in the list to print them.

See Record lists for general information on using lists.