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Build fields that cite related bibliographic records (760-787, 800, 810, 811, 830)

Discover how to build fields that cite related records in Connexion client.

Use the Insert from Cited Record command (Edit menu) to automatically insert data from a cited record that has a bibliographic connection to the record you are editing. Connexion inserts data based on rules for the type of field and for the type of record you are editing.

This function automates data insertion when you want to create fields that cite related records. Citing related records helps make the related items visible to users through WorldCat Local and

You can use the following fields to insert data from a separately cataloged but related item:

  • Linked entry fields 760 to 787
    • Relate a serial to its predecessor or successor.
    • Relate versions of an item in different languages or formats.
    • Relate a subseries to a main entry series.
    • Relate in-analytic items (inseparable components of a host item), such as a track on a CD to the CD.
    • Relate multipart items, such as a specific volume to a multi-volume set.
  • Series added entry fields 800, 810, 811, 830
    • Relate a volume in a series to the series.

To insert data from a related record:

  1. Log on and open the bibliographic record in which you want to insert the data.
  2. Add a field and enter one of the following MARC tags:
    • 760, 762, 765, 767, 770, 772, 773, 774, 775, 776, 777, 780, 785, 786, or 787
    • 800, 810, 811, or 830
  3. Enter appropriate indicators.
  4. In the text field for the field, enter the OCLC control number, with or without the pound sign (#), for the related bibliographic record you want to cite.
  5. Click Edit > Insert from Cited Record or press <Alt><E><R>.
    Right-click in the field and on the pop-up menu, click Insert from Cited Record.

After you insert data from a related record:

  • The client adds data from the cited record based on rules for the type of field you added and the type of record you are editing.
  • The OCLC number appears in a subfield w.


  1. Create a field and enter tag 780, indicators 00, and OCLC number 11553638. The client puts the OCLC number in ‡w and enters the data from record 11553638.
  2. Click Edit > Insert from Cited Record. The field looks like this: 780 00 Episcopal Church. Diocese of Southern Ohio. $t Journal of the ... annual convention $w (OCoLC)11553638

 Note: The Insert from Cited Record command is available only when the cursor is in a linked entry field (760 - 787) or a series added entry field (800, 810, 811, or 830).