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Right-click shortcut menus

Find right-click shortcut menus for use in Connexion client.

Right-click in a record to open a popup shortcut menu to do any of the following actions:

  • Undo
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Paste Unformatted
  • Delete Field
  • Copy Field
  • Copy Control Number
  • Control Single Heading*
  • Uncontrol Sing*
  • Transliterate > Arabic [or Persian]*
  • Right-to-left reading order [for Arabic or Hebrew data]*
  • Insert from Cited Record*
  • Edit with Guided Entry*
  • Insert Unicode Control Characters > [submenu of available characters]**
  • Link fields*
  • Unlink fields*
  • MARC Field Help
  • RDA Toolkit

(To open variable field descriptions in RDA Toolkit, you must be a subscriber, and you must set up in Tools > Options > RDA Toolkit. See the RDA Toolkit for more details.)

*Commands marked with asterisks are available for bibliographic records only.

**The Insert Unicode Control Characters submenu, available only on the right- click menu, contains characters used to control display of bidirectional (mixed right-to-left and left-to-right) text in Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew records. See Use Arabic scripts for cataloging for more details.

Characters available are:

  • LRM Left-to-Right Mark
  • RLM Right-to-Left Mark
  • ZWJ Zero Width Joiner
  • ZWNJ Zero Width Non-Joiner
  • LRE Start of Left-to-Right Embedding
  • RLE Start of Right-to-Left Embedding
  • LRO Start of Left-to-Right Override
  • RLO Start of Right-to-Left Override
  • PDF Pop Directional Formatting

Except for the Insert Unicode Control Characters submenu commands, commands on the right-click menu are also on standard client menus. See Connexion client interface overview for a complete list of client commands.

Right-click in a list to open a pop-up menu to do the following:

  • Copy - Copies the text from the selected entry, with columns separated by tabs and rows starting on new lines.
  • Select All
  • List Settings - Opens a list of columns to re-order or show/hide.
  • Reset List Sizes (to default)