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Work with the 006 field

Discover how to create and edit an 006 field using guided entry in Connexion client.


  • The 006 field is an optional, repeatable fixed-length field that can be used to code for:
    • Characteristics of an item that cannot be coded in the fixed field (LDR and 008) (e.g., Use an 006 to code for the serial aspect of a sound recording issued as a serial.).
    • Characteristics of accompanying materials (e.g., Use an 006 to code for a book that accompanies a set of sound recordings and provides biographical information about a composer or performer.).
  • Field 006 is different from field 007, which is used to describe physical attributes of an item or accompanying material.

Create an 006 field

To insert a new field 006 in a record:

  1. Follow the general procedure to open a Guided Entry window for an 006 field with a particular MARC record format.
  2. In the Insert Field 006 window, accept the default values or change or add codes.
    • Click the hyperlinked name of an element to open a description showing valid codes. The client opens your default browser to the description of the element in OCLC Bibliographic Formats and Standards.
  3. Click OK or press <Enter> to insert the field in the record below the field where the cursor is located, or click Cancel. The client adds spaces to adjust the field length.

Edit an 006 field

To edit an existing 006 field in a record:

  1. Place the cursor in the 006 field you want to edit, and follow the general procedure to open a Guided Entry window for that field, showing the existing MARC format elements and any existing values.
  2. Change or add values as needed.
  3. (Optional) If the record contains more than one 006 field, and you want to edit others, click Next or Back to edit the next or previous 006 field.
  4. When finished, click OK to replace the existing data in the record with the edited data, or click Cancel to keep the existing data.
     Note: If you edit the data again, in the record itself, and then re-open the Guided Entry window for that field, the changes you made in the record are retained in the window.

 Caution: The type code in the 006 field must be valid. It is the first element of an 006 field. If it is invalid, the client cannot determine which format the field describes.