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Control a single authority heading

Discover how to control a single authority heading in Connexion client.


  • In some bibliographic records, headings tagged as 6xx with indicators other than 0 (zero) are incorrectly highlighted as controlled headings.
  • Client version 2.63 requires a space between other characters in the text of the field and the subfield delimiter to control a heading. The move to support all Unicode characters has changed the behavior of Latin Letter Aveolar (U+01C2) that the client uses for the delimiter symbol. Reformatting the record before you control headings adds the spaces automatically.
  1. Open a bibliographic record or create a new record.
  2. (Optional) If you are in WorldCat, you can lock the WorldCat record, click Action > Lock WorldCat Record or press <Alt><F8>.
  3. Move the cursor to an existing field for which authority control is available:
    Add a field of the type you want. 
    When you are finished creating or editing the field, leave the cursor in the new field.
  • Click Edit > Control Headings > Single, click Control Single Headings button (connexion-client-edit-menu-control-headings-single.png), or press <F11>.
    Right-click the heading you want to control, and click Control Single Heading on the pop-up menu.

     Note: If you are not logged on, the Logon window opens. You must log on.

    The system searches the LC authority file and does the following, depending on results:
    • If a heading does not control, and the Control Headings window does not open as it should, you may want to disable your pop-up blocker program if you have one installed.
    • If an exact match is found to a single authority record or to multiple authority records and if the original heading requires no changes in the tag or text:
      • The heading is automatically controlled and inserted into the bibliographic record.
      • The heading is hyperlinked to the exactly matching authority record(s).
    • Unqualified personal name, or no exact match, or no matching records: If a matching unqualified personal name heading or cross reference (has only a subfield a) is found, or no exact matches are found, or multiple records that partially match are found, the system does not automatically control and insert a heading. Instead, the Control Headings window opens to help you select or build and insert a controlled heading.
  1. Once a controlled heading is inserted in the bibliographic record, to retain it in the record:
    • For a workform:
      1. Navigate to Action > Holdings > Update Holdings [or Produce and Update Holdings or Alternate Produce and Update] to add the record to WorldCat.
    • For an existing record:
      1. Navigate to Action > Replace Record or Replace and Update Holdings to replace the WorldCat record.
    • If you did not lock the WorldCat record (see step 3), the system automatically locks the record before replacing it.
    • You must be logged on with at least a full level cataloging authorization to add a new record or replace a WorldCat record. See Add or replace record to retain newly controlled headings for more details.