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About authority control

Find an overview of how authority control functions in Connexion client.


  • Connexion lets you control headings in bibliographic records; that is, link heading(s) directly to matching Library of Congress authority record(s), if available. You can control headings in a bibliographic record in WorldCat or a record or workform in the online or local bibliographic save file (while logged on).
  • A controlled heading is a hyperlink in the bibliographic record that you can click to open the linked controlled authority record. The authority record opens in a separate window.
  • To retain a controlled heading in the WorldCat record, replace the WorldCat record or, if you created a new record, add it to WorldCat. See Add new record or replace existing record to retain newly controlled headings for details.
  • Once you control a heading (and add or replace the record in WorldCat), Connexion automatically updates the heading whenever the linked authority record changes.
  • When a controlled heading is automatically updated, the system adds the text OCLCA in ‡d of the 040 field in the bibliographic record.

Notes about working with controlled headings

  • To put the cursor in a controlled heading field without opening the authority record (for example, if you want to copy text or insert a field below), click in the tag or indicator cells.
  • You cannot edit a partially or fully controlled heading. You must uncontrol heading(s) in a record to edit them.
  • No automatic tag flips. The system matches headings against the LC authority file by tags, so that if a matching heading has a different tag, or if multiple matching headings with different tags are found, the Control Headings window opens to present the match(es), so that you can select the correct heading. See more in Technical Bulletin 259, Authorities System Changes.
  • Limited automatic subfield x and v flips. In cases where you control a heading that is not an exact match to a single established heading in an authority record, the system does not flip x to v or vice versa. However, in cases where the heading in the bibliographic record is an exact match to a single established heading in an authority record that has been pre-coordinated, the system flips subdivisions—x incorrectly changes to v or vice versa.
  • Subfield delimiter: Use the double dagger as the subfield delimiter (‡) in the Control Headings window (default keystroke shortcut: <Ctrl><D>). In the Connexion browser, you use the dollar sign ($) in the Control Headings window.