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Automatic validation on final actions

Authority records

The following table describes the automatic validation process for final actions on records processed interactively or via batch:

Final action Validation performed
Add Record* Validates the entire record.
Replace Record* Validates edited fields only.
Export By default, no automatic validation.

(Optional) Select validation level for exporting records in Tools > Options > General / Validation Options.
*Check for duplicate 1xx headings when you add or replace a name authority record.

As part of automatic validation for new or replaced name authority records, the system compares the established heading (1xx field) in the new/modified record with 1xx headings in all name authority records. The system also compares the 1xx heading in the new/modified record with 4xx cross-references present in the same record or any other record(s).

If a normalized heading in the 100, 110, 111, or 130 field of the new/modified name authority record matches another 1xx heading or a 4xx cross-reference, the new/modified record fails validation and the system displays the following message: This main entry exists in another authority record: LCCN=[LCCN] ARN=[ARN]

To resolve the error, you must modify one of the records to differentiate them.

Currently, the system does not compare 4xx headings in new/modified records to 1xx headings in existing name authority records.


  • Automatic validation that occurs when you take actions immediately while logged on produces the same results as when you use the Validate command (Edit menu) interactively as a separate step.
  • Automatic validation that occurs when you batch process record actions produces a batch action report that shows detailed information for both records with failed actions and those with successful actions.