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Report an authority record error to OCLC

Discover how to report an error found in an authority record to OCLC in Connexion client.

Errors to report

For a list of changes, corrections, additions and duplicates to report and detailed guidelines on how to report and verify your requested changes, see Authority record change requests.

Report an authority record error to OCLC

  1. View the authority record for which you want to report an error.
  2. On the Action list, click Report Error or press <Alt><J> and then press <7>.
  3. In the Report Error dialog window, complete the required fields at the top of the window.
    • OCLC Symbol
    • User Name
    • E-Mail

     Note: System-supplied information:
    • The system inserts the OCLC symbol associated with your authorization number.
    • If you entered your name and email address on the User Information screen, the system inserts that information to complete the required fields.
    • To view the User Information screen, on the General tab, under Admin Options, click User Information.
  4. Enter a description of the problem in the large text field (e.g., cite sources you consulted and identify related records).
  5. (Optional) Select the Send a copy of the e-mail message to me check box to request a copy of the email message containing the error report.
  6. Click Report Error to send the error report. Connexion sends the contents of the Report Error dialog window, and the text of the record you are viewing, to OCLC quality control staff. If requested, the system sends a copy of the message to you.