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Right-click shortcut menus

Find right-click shortcut menus for use in Connexion client.

Right-click in a record to open a pop-up shortcut menu to do any of the following actions:

  • Undo*
  • Cut*
  • Copy*
  • Paste*
  • Paste Unformatted*
  • Delete Field*
  • Copy Field*
  • Copy Control Number*
  • Control Single Heading
  • Uncontrol Single
  • Transliterate > Arabic [or Persian]*
  • Right-to-left Reading Order*
  • Insert from Cited Record
  • Edit with Guided Entry
  • Insert Unicode Control Characters > [submenu of available characters]*
    These characters are available only on the right-click menu. They control bidirectional text in Arabic and Hebrew script records. See Use Arabic scripts for cataloging for more details.
  • Link fields
  • Unlink fields
  • MARC Field Help*
  • RDA Toolkit

    *Commands marked with asterisks are available for both bibliographic and authority records. If no asterisk, available for bibliographic records only

Except for Unicode Formatting Characters, these commands are also on client menus. See Menus for a complete list of client commands.

Right-click in a list to open a pop-up menu to:

  • Copy - Copies the text from the selected entry, with columns separated by tabs and rows starting on new lines.
  • Select All
  • List Settings - Opens a list of columns to re-order or show/hide.
  • Reset List Sizes (to default)

See Record lists for more details about customizing lists.