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Check spelling

Discover how to check the spelling in records in Connexion client.

Check spelling

Use the client spell checker to verify English language spelling in records:

  1. With a bibliographic or authority record or workform display, click Tools > Check Spelling or press <F7>.
  2. If the spell checker finds a word that requires attention (based only on the spell checker dictionary), the Spell Check window opens with the word displayed in the Not in Dictionary text field.

    Sometimes the spell checker displays a suggested substitute word in the Replace with field or a list of suggestions in Suggestions.

    Take one of the following actions:
    • Click Ignore to keep this instance of the word as is.
    • Click Ignore All to keep all instances of the word.
    • Click Add to add the word to the dictionary (the spell checker always accepts the word as correct from this point on).
    • Delete the word in the text field, and enter a correction.
    • Click Replace or Replace All to replace this or all instances with the suggested word in the Replace with field.
      Select a suggested word in the Suggestions list and click Replace or Replace All to replace this or all instances with the selected word.
  3. The spell checker continues to display words to check. Take actions as described in step 2 for each word displayed in the Not in Dictionary field.
  4. A message opens to tell you when spell checking is complete. Perform one of the following actions:
    • Click OK to close the message and the window.
    • Click Cancel or X in the upper-right corner to close the Spell Check window.

Notes on spell checking

  • Customize - Customize the spell checker using Tools > Options > Spelling, including:
    • Specifying types of words to skip (e.g., words in uppercase).
    • Changing settings for fields to check and subfields within the fields to skip.
    • Setting an option to skip name information in field 505.
    • Adding, editing, or deleting words from the spell checker dictionary.
  • Duplicate words - The spell checker highlights the second occurrence of duplicate words, but leaves the Replace and
    Suggestions fields blank.
    • If the duplicate words are valid data (e.g., Dial nine one one), click to keep both words.
    • If invalid (e.g., Take the the high road), click Replace. Because nothing is entered with which to replace the repeated word, it is removed.
  • Diacritics - The spell checker skips (accepts as correct) diacritics and special characters in the ALA character set that the client supports.
  • Non-Latin scripts - The spell checker skips (accepts as correct) non-Latin script data.