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What is the new account management portal OCLC LDAP accounts used by CONTENTdm?

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This article is regarding the change mentioned in the release of CONTENTdm on August 17, 2022.

CONTENTdm uses OCLC LDAP accounts, which were the same accounts used by the old New uses a different account system; so, CONTENTdm will have a new account management portal to continue managing OCLC LDAP accounts.

Old bookmarks for CONTENTdm account creation and password retrieval will no longer be valid. These bookmarks can be deleted if you have been using them:

  • Registration:
  • Forgotten password:
  • My Profile:

Please use the new links below:

The old OCLC LDAP account management portal has more functionalities for, such as assigning profile pictures, managing lists and favorites, etc.... The new account management portal will only support creating accounts, logging in, and retrieving passwords. After successfully logging in, you will be asked to change your password, which is not required. You can return to using CONTENTdm as normal.

Due to security reasons, the "Forgot Password" email will no longer contain your Username. Please contact OCLC Support to retrieve your username.

Additional information

If you are a user of both CONTENTdm and the old, this account will be separated into two unique accounts for use with CONTENTdm and new You will continue to use your current OCLC LDAP account to access CONTENTdm, and you will be redirected to create a new account for use with new after August 23, 2022.

If you are only using CONTENTdm (and/or Digital Collection Gateway), you will not need to create a new account for new

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