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Receiving "The collection 'Collection Name' cannot be displayed" error on CONTENTdm website


When attempting to view a collection on the end-user site, receive the error "The collection 'Collection Name' cannot be displayed. Log in and refresh the page to access restricted or unpublished collections."

Applies to

Unpublished collections in CONTENTdm can only be viewed while logged in as a user configured with the correct permissions on your CONTENTdm Administrator site. Use the Log in button on your CONTENTdm site to log in if it is enabled in the Website Configuration Tool.

If your Log in page is not enabled, it can be returned manually by visiting

If you just uploaded a new image to a collection when this error starts to appear, revert the image back to your earlier one, then re-save and re-publish the collection. You will want to review the new image for size/format issues and or corruption before re-loading it for use on the site.  

If you are still unable to view this collection, reach out to OCLC Support and provide the Server ID, collection name, and the user name with which you are logging in.

Additional information

The Log in button performs a browser back function, and if there is no previous page information in the tab to go back to, it will appear as if you have not logged in. If this is the case, go to your Home page and browse for the now visible unpublished collection.

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