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Project Client returns an error and closes when ingesting a compound object and running OCR

  • When attempting to ingest a compound object and simultaneously process OCR, Project Client returns an error with the text src\FoundTextBlock.cpp, 60 error and closes without completing the ingest.
Applies to
  • Project Client
  • Compound Objects

This happens because one or more files in the compound object has embedded metadata that the ABBYY FineReader is incapable of processing. Below is a method for identifying the offending file and a recommendation for how to remove the embedded metadata:

Identify the File

  1. Record the starting value of remaining monthly OCR under Project Settings Manager > OCR
  2. Ingest single compound object directory with OCR processing and allow the process to fail.
  3. Open Project Client and note the new remaining monthly OCR.
  4. Find the difference of the starting and ending OCR values and increase that by value by one. This is the (first) file number in the directory that is causing the ingest to fail.
  5. Use the Remove Embedded Metadata workflow below to replace the file.
  6. Repeat steps 1 - 5 until the ingest no longer returns an error.

Remove Embedded Metadata

  1. Open the offending file in any image editing software.
  2. Export a new file without saving Exif or XMP data.
  3. Replace the existing file in the directory with the new file.
Additional information

If you are unable to identify the offending file(s) using the above workflow, please reach out to OCLC Support and provide the following detail:

  • collection name and alias
  • ZIP directory of failing compound object
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