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Is it Possible to Update Compound Object Node Locations in CONTENTdm Project Client?

  • Nodes for monographic compound objects are in the wrong location
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It is possible to insert new and edit existing nodes in monographic compound objects via the Project Client. The same process outlined below will work for both items already on CONTENTdm and new items that have just been ingested into the Project Client.

To Add a New Node:

  1. Open the Item Tab
  2. Click on the icon under 'View Structure' that looks like a blank sheet of paper
    • Note: hovering over this icon displays the alt-text 'Add new item'
  3. In the new window, select 'Add a node to the monograph'
  4. Enter a name for the new node and click the 'OK' button
  5. The node can be repositioned by selecting it in the file tree, and then using the green up and down arrows to change the position of the node within the compound object
    • Note: multiple levels of nodes can be configured by positioning nodes subordinate to others
  6. Save changes and Upload the object

To edit nodes, refer to step five above.


NOTE: The 'Add new item' icon can also be used to add new pages to an existing compound object.

Additional information

Nodes can also be updated via the Web Editor. See: Edit and delete compound objects in the Web Editor

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