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How to Update OCR license expiration date

Update OCR expiration date


Our OCR vendor made an error with the OCR licenses for the new Project Client 7.x, and users were seeing Dec 30, 2021 expiration date for their OCR licenses. ABBYY fixed the error around Dec 10-15th, 2021.  But for those who had activated their OCR licenses before that date, you need to click the “update” button in your OCR setting in Project Client to extend the expiration date. (For those who activated or will activate your OCR license afterwards, you should see a correct 2023 expiration date.)


Below are the detailed steps to update your OCR licenses:

  1. Open Project Client, and open any project.
  2. Go to Project Settings Manager > OCR:
  3. Click “Review License” button:
  4. Click your license:
  5. Click the “Update License…” button:
  6. Follow the instruction to update the license:
  7. You should see the expiration date is now in 2023:

If you get an activation error message after updating the license. Close out of the activation window and restart Project Client. The License Manager should now show that your code has been updated to the new expiration date and is active. 

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