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How do I get a list of individual terms in a field without setting up a Controlled Vocabulary ?

Applies to
  • CONTENTdm 
  • CONTENTdm Administration 

You can get your terms listed individually under one another and hyperlink in any given metadata field or in several different metadata fields; without creating a controlled vocabulary or using the Project Client.

This is very useful if the collection is using unique terms that may not necessarily apply to numerous metadata fields or other collections.
However, you still want to control its display when there more than one subject or term required to be displayed in the one metadata field.

The following steps can be taken. 

Steps :

  1. Go into Server Administration >Select the Collection you want this applied to > Fields > Select the field name where you want this applied > eg. Subject  > Edit > Controlled Vocabulary > Yes.
  2. Then when the next screen appears, just select  Create a new controlled vocabulary for this field.
  3. Leave the default one selected for now  Art & architecture Thesaurus (AAT) &  Do not share this controlled vocabulary.
  4. Select Save changes.
  5. Select Item tab > Edit > Browse Collection. 
  6. Select the Metadata hyperlink next to the item in your collection you want to change.

  7. Locate the Subject field or the field that you want to make these changes to.
  8. Add a semicolon; between each term and for the last term, leave it with no semi-colon > Save changes.
  9. Do this to each item in this collection where it's required > Save each one you alter.
  10. Then when completed you will need to re-index this collection > select  items > index > index now.
  11. This will take a few minutes to complete and you can not do anything else till this action has completed.
  12. When indexing is complete the status will change from yellow to green.
  13. You will then need to clear your cache and perhaps even close your browser to ensure changes are displayed.
  14.  Navigate back to this collection > > Select items where you made this change > and you should now see this when you select browse or open the item to view​​.

​    clipboard_e34bfd96b7500504eb0ff0ff2b2983b2c.png

Additional information

If you want to consider a controlled vocabulary for your requirements later, below is a useful guide to start with :

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