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Collection contains reserved words error

  • You get the error "Collection contains reserved keywords" followed by the text "The CONTENTdm collection this project is linked to uses one of the following reserved keywords in the field properties: item, parent, child, data, previous, next, and nodetreeversion" when trying to open a CONTENTdm collection in Project Client. 
Applies to

This error message indicates that one of your metadata nicknames has identical value as noted in examples of the error message. To correct this you need to rename the nickname that carries the reserved syntax. Typically, this is "data", which most sites tend to assign with secondary date field.

To access your nickname editing tool, open CONTENTdm administration, go to Items > Index and select your collection (change into it). Replace "bld.exe" part of your URL with "convertnickname.exe". Only replace the bld.exe, leave the rest of the url after this term intact, then hit Enter.

After you update your nickname, re-index the collection, then close the project and re-open it in Project client to refresh the collection settings. 

Additional information

There is more on using the Nickname tool.

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