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Edit compound objects in the Project Client

Find information about using the Project Client to edit compound object metadata, structure, and replace pages.

The first step to editing a compound object in your collection is to find the object in the collection and then add it to the project spreadsheet. Then, you can edit metadata in the spreadsheet, or you can open the compound object in a new tab to access other features.

For more information about using the item editing tab and the project spreadsheet to edit compound objects, see Edit Items in a Project.

 Note: You cannot edit the structure or delete individual pages of PDF compound objects by using the Project Client. To change the structure or delete individual pages of PDF compound objects, you must delete the compound object from the collection, update the structure or remove the pages in the original PDF file, and add the file again.

When you have completed your changes, select the compound object and click Upload for Approval from the Project Client project tab.

Uploading the compound object sends it to the pending queue for approval. An administrator must add the items and build the text index in order for the changes to appear in the collection.