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Map fields when adding compound objects

Learn how to use the Compound Objects Wizard to map fields when adding compound objects.

When you use tab-delimited text files to import metadata, you must map the fields that you are importing to the fields in the collection database that you will be uploading to. This is true whether you are adding multiple files as individual files, multiple files as part of a single compound object, or multiple files as part of multiple compound objects.

By default, CONTENTdm maps the imported field names to the collection field based on the order of the fields. On the left side of the Map Fields tab are the fields that you are importing. On the right side are the database fields of the collection where the items of the project are added.

When mapping data:

  • More than one imported field can be mapped to the same collection field, except for the file name or URL. If two fields are mapped to the same collection field, a semicolon and a space separate the contents of the field when the item is added to the project spreadsheet.
  • If adding a file, map one field only to the File Name field.
  • If adding a URL, map one field only to the URL field.
  • One or more fields must map to the Title field of your collection.
  • If using a Date data type field, the contents must be in the format mm/dd/yyyy.

Compound Object wizard

After you complete the Compound Object wizard with a tab-delimited text file and return to the Import Objects tab of Add Multiple Compound Objects, click the Map Fields tab. By default, the fields will be matched according to order. For instance, if the first field of your tab-delimited file is File Name, it will be matched to the first record in the database, which may be Title.

Map fields

  1. Click the Map Fields tab.
  2. Click on the drop-down arrow to view the options in the drop-down list.
  3. Select the collection field from the drop-down list for each field that you are importing.
  4. If you do not want to import a field, select No Map from the collection field drop-down list next to the field you do not want to map.

Multiple Compound Object wizard

Once you have finished building your list of objects to add, click Finish to add all the objects to your project.

The first record added to the Add list is considered the base set. The mapping for this record must apply to all subsequent records in the Add list.