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About requesting bulk dissemination

Find information about requesting bulk dissemination.


You are charged a dissemination fee and a shipping and media charge for bulk dissemination requests. The dissemination fee allows you to request multiple disseminations in one year, up to a total of one terabyte of content across all requests. Each time OCLC processes a dissemination request, you will also be charged for the portable storage device and shipping costs.

Preparing a dissemination request

You can request disseminations by collection name (see example 7 below) or by collection name and archival volume (see example 8 below). You can request dissemination of multiple collections or multiple archival volumes in a single e-mail request.

To request bulk dissemination from the archive, send an e-mail to OCLC Support. Your e-mail message should include your OCLC symbol, a list of content that you want disseminated, and any special shipping instructions.

An archive technician will process your request and copy the selected content to a portable storage device along with an electronic shipping manifest. At the completion of dissemination processing, the portable storage device will be shipped to you and a dissemination report will appear in your Digital Archive Reports website.

Example 7: Dissemination request – whole collection

Example 8: Dissemination request – multiple volumes in a collection