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Lock administration

Lock Administration allows CONTENTdm administrators to view all locked items in the collection. You must have CONTENTdm administrator rights to delete and unlock items to use this function. If you do not have these rights, Lock Administration will not be hyperlinked on the items tab.

An item is locked for updates whenever it is edited or deleted by an Project Client user or a CONTENTdm administrator. The lock is removed automatically when the text index is rebuilt. Administrators may also remove the lock manually to permit additional updates to the item.

Accessing lock administration

As with all administrative functions, Lock Administration can be accessed via the Project Client or by opening CONTENTdm Administration in a Web browser.

Access lock administration

  1. Open CONTENTdm Administration by clicking CONTENTdm Administration from the Administration menu within the Project Client. Or access CONTENTdm Administration by navigating with your Web browser to: http://your.server.address/cgi-bin/admin/start.exe
  2. Click the Items tab and click Lock Administration.

Viewing and unlocking locked Items

When you view a locked item, you have the opportunity to view the item and its metadata. You can unlock all items (by clicking unlock all), or choose specific items to unlock.

When you unlock an item, any changes that had been made to the item will not be saved unless the index is then immediately built. The item can once again be retrieved and edited. To maintain collection metadata accuracy, use the lock feature with care.

View locked items

Click the name of an item. The item will be displayed in a new Web browser window. Close this new window to return to Lock Administration.

Unlock all items

  1. Click Unlock All. A confirmation window opens.
  2. Click OK. You will be returned to the Lock Administration window which no longer has any locked items listed.

Unlock an item

Click Unlock in the row of the item you wish to unlock. This releases the item.