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Status bar

The status bar allows you to perform actions such as activating data tracking or moving through pages of a multi-page report in WorldShare Report Designer.

The status bar is located at the bottom of the report viewer. The table below lists the options available in the status bar.

  • If you do not see a status bar, then right-click the area where the status bar should appear. A menu will open. Click Status bar. The status bar will now display.
Status bar
Report status bar
Item Button Description
Track Data Changes Status bar track data changes button Allows you to activate and deactivate data tracking.
Navigation Status bar navigation button Allows you to move through the pages of a document.
Display Options Status bar display options button Allows you to toggle between Quick Display mode and Page mode. Page mode gives you a preview of how the document will look when printed.
Zoom Status bar zoom button Allows you to zoom in or out on the document.
Refresh button Status bar refresh button

Allows you to show the most recent date the report data was refreshed. Click the button to trigger a new refresh.

 Note: Some reports may return a 'partial results' warning message (Partial results warning icon), indicating that the results exceeded the 50,000 row limit and the report as displayed is therefore incomplete. If this occurs, use report prompts to limit your search results.

Partial results message