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Why is the previous status of a Withdrawn item not showing in Analytics?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Reports

Once an item is withdrawn, the former status in WorldShare Reports will not match the one in parenthesis next to “Withdrawn” in the Circulation application, e.g., “Withdrawn (Missing)”. This status in parenthesis is not so much the previous status, but instead the “base” status before it was withdrawn.

Example: An Available item goes missing, so the Circulation status is changed to Missing. It is then later Withdrawn, so the status is now Withdrawn (Missing).

So Missing is technically the current (base) status, but in WorldShare Reports, when it’s been withdrawn, the system overrides the Missing status with Withdrawn, as this would be more useful for statistical and reporting purposes. The Circulation application shows a “double” status of the base status before it was withdrawn + Withdrawn.

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