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When I run a Report, I'm not seeing titles that I know should appear

  • Known 'high use' titles are missing from the report.
Applies to
  • WorldShare Reports

WorldShare Analytics reports have a 50,000 row limit.  A report selects all lines that match the search criteria (e.g a line per day per branch per permanent shelving location) before collating them by title. Thefore the 50,000 row limit can be  reached for long date periods.

  1. Narrow the filters so that the limit is not reached e.g shorter time period or limit by permanent shelving location.
Additional information

It is possible to check whether the report has reached the 50,000 row limit in the Report Viewer.

  1. On the Main toolbar, select Export.
  2. Select Data
  3. If the number of lines is shown as 50,000, the data limit has been reached.
  4. Click Cancel
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