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What report can I run to find items with LHRs but no Item Barcodes?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Report Designer 

If you have Report Designer as part of your subscription to WMS or Tipasa, you'll see Report Launch Pad when you select Reports under the Analytics tab. From there, you will be able to do the following. Please see the note at the end if you don't have Report Designer.

This report can be used in several ways by adjusting the query filters and result objects. 

BE AWARE Serials / Periodicals can have a LHR holding with no barcodes on their record, recording all their issues. So ensure you use a filter to remove these types of records from this report.

To locate the OCLC numbers of items that have LHRs but do not have Item Barcodes do the following:

  1. Select > Analytics > Reports > Report Launch pad.
  2. Select > Application > Web Intelligence at top of screen.
  3. Select > New icon from the toolbar.
  4. Select > Universe > Ok > LHR Item detail > OK. 
  5. Select > LHR Item details folder  > LHR Item barcode.
  6. Open  Title folder > select OCLC number > drag into top box.
  7. Then also select Title  > drag into top box
  8. Select LHR Item details folder  > select LHR Item call number and LHR Item Branch Name and drag into results object box ,in the order you want them to appear.
  9. Then Add Query Filter  > LHR Item barcode > Matches Pattern  type >  N/A
  10. Then  Add another Query Filter > Material Format  > Not in List  > Journals/Magazines  & any others formats you not want in this report
  11. Run query to see preview of results /select refresh if you alter the report objects or query filter settings.
  12. Then select save as >  Items with LHR holdings or barcodes > in your web intelligence folder for your branch.
  13. You can then export this Report to excel or a pdf if you wish.


Additional information

Alternatively, if you do not have Report Designer, you can follow the instructions to Create a Local Holdings report using query collections to export your local holdings records to a MARC file and then use a program like MarcEdit to extract the relevant fields to an Excel spreadsheet. Then you can identify which records do not have anything in the barcode field. Make sure that you're receiving local holdings records, which can be done when creating the query collection, under MARC Records > Customize Records > Local Holdings Records.

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