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We regularly run an overdue report but realise we are missing one or more patron custom categories within the filter

  • There is a missing filter for Patron Custom Category. For example, since the beginning of the school year, some of the patron custom data is not appearing as an option to select, even though the custom data for that field is displaying in the patron profiles
Applies to
  • WorldShare Reports

It could be that the Patron Custom Category has no overdues:

  • When running the report, the codes will only be populated with values from those fields that are in the result set of records from the query
  • Not every possible value on all their records will display in the Filter categories
  • Hence you may not see all values, only the values for patrons that are associated with an item that is overdue
  • So perhaps that category that is missing will display next time it is run, if they have overdues in the result set and therefore those codes will be built in as filters
Additional information
  • Ensure that the Patron Custom Category 1 that is missing is showing when searching patrons to ensure it is not the result of a Patron load missing the category
  • Try running a different report - for example - run an All Item on Loan report to see if the Patron Custom Category appears properly there
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