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How do I find records with inactive barcodes in the 876$r marc tag?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Metadata
  • WorldShare Reports available
  • It is possible to request a Local Holdings Offline Product (LHOP) report from Metadata Services
  • This will produce a list of all of your Local Holding Records (LHRs) and come in a TAB delimited file that can be filtered in Excel
  • The process includes:
    • Access and fill in the form to request the LHOP
    • An email will be sent once the file is ready
    • Access your report under the My Files section of WorldShare Metadata
    • Download the report
    • Save the report on your computer in its original format type
    • Open it in Excel as a TAB delimited file
    • One of the columns will be LHR Miscellaneous Fields which includes all the subfields for Tag 876
    • Find or filter those with the Tag 876 subfield of r
Additional information

See the help for requesting an LHOP Report

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