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How can I get a report of LOST items and their shelving location?

Applies to
  • WorldShare Report Designer 

When you have moved items to a specific shelving location for a period of time, such as Lost items, but then you want to ensure that, if they have been returned they are returned to their original permanent shelving location . So use this report to locate those items that are now Available but are on the incorrect shelving location.

  1. Go into Analytics > Reports > Report Launch Pad. 
  2. Select Application (top of screen)  > Web Intelligence.
  3. Select NEW > Select Universe > OK.
  4. Select the Circulation Item status Universe.
  5. Select OK.
  6. Select the objects that you want to display in this report, by opening the yellow folders, selecting an object and dragging it across into the Results Object box.
  7. Put in all the Report Objects you require from the items folder and the Current Status one from the Item status detail folder.
  8. Select data to add a Query Filter > Open the Items folder and drag across Item Permanent shelving location into the Query Filters box > select In List.
  9. Select dropdown-on the right and select Values from List > select LOST using the >  and move it across into > box > select OK.
  10. Select Run Query > from top of Query Panel (Note - you can stretch out the columns a little if you wish - if too crowded).
  11. Once you have the report you require you can now export it to excel by selecting Export Reports > File Type Excel (.xls). 

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